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Lunch at The Roma Bar

The Roma Bar - sumac chicken

Don't be alarmed, it isn't charred beyond eating, its just the sumac spice.

The boss man came back from lunch one day raving about his lunch at The Roma Bar. Okie dokie then, I’ll play. So a few days later I wandered over from my office and plonked myself down beside the window. There were at least half a dozen daily specials on a giant piece of butchers paper, most of which looked quite appetizing and different to the norm. Unfortunately I went at 1pm meaning that most of them were sold out. Bugger me.

On the regular menu you’ll find the usual array of burgers, wraps, salad, fancy sangas and pasta, all ranging from $6.50 to $11.50. The lunch mains looked more interesting however, showing a little bit of pizzazz and sophistication.

At the time of writing you’ll find available at $15 each:

Feeling rather sophisticated that day, I went the sumac chicken. It wasn’t that busy being the tail end of lunch so I was a bit miffed at having to wait 25 minutes for it to arrive. But at least they have free wi-fi to keep you occupied in the mean time. I would have had to wait longer but I noticed the group of tourists in front of me being indecisive, so I seized the opportunity and went around the side and got my order in. Suckers.

Presentation was nice with the chicken smothered in a generous amount of sumac and the proscuitto/bocconcini parcels elegantly placed. Very fancy for a café, usually for a $15 lunch you get food stuffed on a plate in any fashion and away you go.

The chicken was spiced nicely although I felt I it was overcooked and too dry, even for a fillet. The proscuitto and bocconcini parcels were a nice balance of salty with savoury, the firm cheese oozing out from the sides looking very inviting…. The tomato salad was my favourite part of the dish however with the combination of fresh and lightly grilled (regular and cherry) tomatoes a winner. The serving size was just right, allowing me to walk back the office without feeling too heavy and needing an arvo nanna nap.

I must mention the coffee smelt pretty damn good too, but it was a little warm inside so I gave it a miss – cold water on a hot day FTW mate. Anyways, I apparently a study conducted somewhere by scientists with too much time on their hands concluded that just smelling coffee can have the same pick-me-up affects. Technically I had a free cuppa then.

In summary, a classy fresh cooked lunch with free wi-fi. Can’t complain really.

Contact details

Address: 9-11 Cavenagh Street, Darwin
Phone: (08) 8981 6729
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7am – 4pm and from 8am – 2pm on the weekend

  • Pott Street

    Pott Street loves the Roma Bar!! Great food and great people!

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