Review by Tuan

Seafood on Cullen


Seafood on Cullen is one of three buffets in Darwin and probably the largest with heaps of indoor and outdoor seating available. I remember back in the day when it was 20 something dollars to get an all you can eat extravaganza and everynight the place was a full house. That was a long time ago (or was it?), with admission these days climbing to $38.50 (or more, I can’t remember exactly). That’s not pocket change for most people unless your name happens to be Bill Gates.

Octopus salad

The seafood is the highlight here, supposedly. You’ve got the usual suspects of crab, mussels, oysters, prawns, octopus and other cute little sea creatures. Just my luck then when none of my oysters were even close to being fresh with a distinct “I’ve been sitting outside for too long” taste, I even had to spit out two. A far cry from the big fat juicy oysters I had a few nights ago at Sunset Restaurant. My friend also had to spit out some of his prawns. When seafood is bad, it is REALLY bad. Definitely explains why nobody was hanging around the seafood section all night.

Plate of food

Thankfully the rest of the food was alright. Not spectacular, but it is a buffet after all. There’s a great range of Asian food, steaks, pasta, salads, desert and last but not least the epic chocolate fondue fountain that just about goes through the ceiling. Rest assured,

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if there’s nothing here that you like, then well, you can’t be helped. For the rest of you, make sure you get your moneys worth and stuff yourself until you can’t move. Then wait 5 minutes and eat some more. Getting down the stairs at the end of the night could be a wee bit problematic though.

Chocolate fondue fountain, roast pork

Contact details

Address: 51 Marina Boulevard, Cullen Bay
Phone: 8981 4666, booking is recommended
Open: Monday – Saturday, 5.30pm-10pm
Licence: Licensed with bar

  • vinnnn

    i think the reason you were getting better oysters at sunset is i heard they order it freshly chuckled and sent same day and used same day on the buffet, but true i do prefer either sunset or the jetty compared to seafood on cullen. nice review too thanks

  • Sophie Proudler

    Sounds like it has not improved much from the last time I went. On the other hand there is Sakura around the corner now serving buffet only (I think you did a review a while ago when it was table service) for $29.95 and it was fantastic. Has got a lot of bad reviews on Tripadvisor but I though it was great!

    • Tuan

      I think a lot of the bad comments on TripAdvisor are from grumpy tourists.

  • Sayo Ingreece

    we go here when my husband is starving! you have to make some allowances for the fact that its a buffet and dishes have to reflect the time they can stay in those cool little warmers. Pork is always crispy but never has the same taste as a sit down and order restaurant- a bit strange. the dessert section is good value. Not great food but acceptable when you want the odd binge or you’re taking your big bellied friend out for a meal :)

  • Michael James

    I see these posts are a bit old now so an update is needed. I talked this place up to my friend several times while driving up from the Gold Coast as I had been there a few times when I lived in Darwin.. long story short we were very hungry and looking forward to some good seafood. I could only eat about 3 prawns because the rest were yellow and stale, my mate could only eat a few oysters because they were also in a bad way. I think we paid about $50 a head and were there for about 10minutes…. we complained and no discount or refund offered so off to the kebab shop it was. That was about 6 months ago so I hope things have improved since then. Oh and to the head chef….if your still there… you need a backhand and a lesson on how to talk to your female staff in front of customers, poor food, even worse attitude.

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