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Buzz Café Cullen Bay

Buzz Cafe - Black angus eye fillet steak

Waking up late on the weekend to clear blue skies, a cool breeze and in need of coffee and food, wife and I headed to Buzz Café in Cullen Bay for some modern Australian lunch. What better way to enjoy the beautiful day and clean air than with some alfresco dining overlooking the gorgeous marina views.

We were greeted by a friendly waiter and seated promptly. Don’t be fooled by the name, this place is more restaurant than café with full table service, plenty of staff and lots of seating available.

Drinks orders were taken quickly after and then we were left to peruse the all day ‘Modern Australian’ brunch menu. There’s the usual breakfast goodies including french toast, eggs benedict and greasy fry ups whilst for  lunch you can treat yourself to a few fancy pizzas, seafood, salads and some pricey steaks. I didn’t really have a gander at the dinner menu but there’s lots of fancy adjectives and ingredients being used. There is also a bar with a considerable drinks menu for those who want to get sloshed.

But before food, I was in need of a coffee. Unfortunately for me  I  need not be a caffeine connoisseur to know that it was bitter, burnt and flavourless, terrible after taste on the tongue. Apparently anybody is allowed behind a coffee machine these days. Instant coffee tastes better than what I had.

The black angus eye fillet steak  ($39) looked amazing when it came out.  Thick -ish with a great charred pattern,  delicately poised a top a  red onion relish and accompanied with vibrant greens. Too bad it was medium-well at best instead of medium rare. I considered taking it back but I’m still too chicken to do that. Undoubtedly a great piece of meat which was still tender despite being over done.

Buzz Cafe - Black angus eye fillet steak

Not quite medium rare, it didn't pinker than this.

The poached chicken breast salad ($19) was a mixed bag. It takes a lot for a salad to excite me and this didn’t.  Serving size is decent, the paw paw was nice and crunchy and the dressing was ok, but I’m not sure if it was meant to be Asian inspired or not as the appearance suggests so but the flavour says otherwise. Some of the poached chicken breast pieces with skin on were quite nice, but some were tough as rubber, even for a breast.

Buzz Cafe - poached chicken salad

The men’s toilet is one of the attractions of this place. There’s one way glass behind the pee trough, so the exhibitionist inside you can urinate whilst facing the diners outside. Quite amusing and novel, but I wouldn’t recommend using it though, not for fear of having your willy laughed at from the other side, but because the water comes down all the way from the roof and splashes big time all over your feet, gross to say the least. To use it you either need to be wearing knee high gum boots or stand a metre back (good luck with that).

Overall I left quite disappointed. I can understand the correlation between price, staffing and magnificent views, but not with the food/drinks.

Contact details

Address: Cullen Bay Marina, 48 Marina Blvd Cullen Bay, Darwin
Phone: 8941 1141
Open 7 days, fully licensed

  • Discoveringdarwinblog

    You didn’t mention the terrible music! Robbie Williams?! So inappropriate for a place selling $40 mains. Also, they don’t have one vegetarian main which is just weird in this day and age.

  • Genna

    I also had a pretty bad experience there. The menu we got was different to what the website had – the menu on the website was what made us decide to dine there. There was no vegetarian option (unlike the menu online…), it was FREEZING (in March), their crème brulee was burnt – but they refused to acknowledge that it was burnt, insisting that that is how it is MEANT to be and so dark that we couldn’t properly read our receipt and later found out that we were charged for the wrong wine…

    Gorgeous views will only get you so far…

  • John

    I might visit this place just for a coffee so that I can use the gents, sounds like fun.

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