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Pee Wee’s at the Point

Ok I haven’t been to Pee Wees before, but I hear about it all the time. Fancy place with great food yada yada. Whenever I hear the words “fine dining” I think finite amount of food on an infinitely big plate. Let’s see if Pee Wee’s at the Point  lives up to the hype…

We’re seated outside on the verandah where we enjoy the cool ocean breeze and spectacular ocean views; If I wasn’t here to eat dinner I’d be down the stairs and on the beach taking photos instead. Definitely one of the best dining views you’ll get in Darwin and very peaceful too – the building stands alone in the middle of dense coastal bush in East Point reserve.

Pee Wees Garlic Bread

We get a garlic bread to keep us busy while the entrees arrive. This is DIY garlic bread like no other, you butter it yourself and mash the roasted garlic on top to your liking. Simple but brilliant – carbs never tasted so good.

Pee Wees entrees

The entrees arrive not long after. Half shell scallops diablo ($19), tempura soft shell mud crab ($22), prawn cocktail ($18) and NT seafood assiette ($19.50). The scallops were really nice – big fat and juicy. The soft shell mud crab was crunchy and harmonious with the accompanying sauces. The prawn cocktail was average  – too much lettuce I thought but the prawns were fresh at least. The seafood assiette I didn’t get a taste of but the octopus bits looked interesting.

All the while our bottle of sparkling water was kept cold in an ice bucket. Nice touch fellas.

Pee Wees - Orange sorbet

Our waiter Corey cleared our table and suggested we try the sorbet to cleanse our palate. He’s been trained well, making us diners buy more stuff they weren’t planning on… but I’m glad he did because the orange sorbet was excellent with a sweet vibrant flavour, ’twas as if the oranges were hand picked by Angels and the juice squeezed from between their bosoms. So refreshing, I could eat it all day long during a hot build-up weekend.

Pee Wees - Double Roasted Duckling Pee Wees - Double Roasted Duckling

Time for our mains. My wife and I went with the double roasted duckling ($44) and five spice braised pork belly ($39) – signature mains we were told after. Easy to understand why too – they were both brilliant. The duck gives a wonderful aromatic burst of flavour when you pop it into your mouth, perhaps not as crispy as I was expecting but certainly the best thing you’ll find this side of a Peking Duck.

Five Spice Braised Pork Belly

I doubt my missus would have been impressed if I ate all her duck, so I turned my attention to the pork belly in front of me. Juicy and tender, pretty damn good  on its own. However, combine the pork with the apple sauce and citrus braised cabbage and you have a recipe for pure awesomeness, a taste sensation made in heaven. Best of all is the perfectly cooked strip of crackling. The sound this thing makes in your mouth is one of an angel singing.

Pee Wees - Lamb strap with roasted vegetables

I pinched a bit of lamb from my mate’s plate, one of the specials they’re trying out – it was nicely cooked but could do with more seasoning, a bush spice rub perhaps to keep with the modern Territorian theme of the restaurant. We joked with the manager that the presentation made it looked liked an erect dick and two balls. So we thought amusing again when the table next to us ordered the same dish but this time the phallic looking sweet potato had gotten flaccid and was lying on its side instead.

Pee Wees - Oven Baked Wild Caught NT Saltwater Barramundi

The oven baked barra was debateable for me ($40). Yeah I pinched some of that too – don’t bring  me along to dinner if you don’t like food stolen. I thought it a bit dry, although in its defence I didn’t really get much of the macadamia nut, herb and lemon myrtle crust topping on my fork. Plus I’ve always liked my barra beer battered with chips.

Pee Wees - Chocolate Slut

We were all beyond full by now, but figured we may as well go the distance with some desert. We go the “Chocolate Slut” ($17) to share, only appropriate given its name. I can think of many dirty sexual innuendos to write, but I’ll just say that it was fantastic and a perfect way to end the night.

The service during our dinner was excellent. It wasn’t busy with only 8 or so tables occupied so the three knowledgeable and friendly staff paid us plenty of attention without being too intrusive.

Well there  you have it. Pee Wee’s at the Point does fine dining and it does it very well. Yes it’s holy-heck expensive, but it shows in the quality of the food and service – if you want the goods then you gotta pay. Every plate is a piece of artwork cooked with great skill and plated with care. Definitely a go-to location if you’re on a date, need to impress and you want to get lucky.

The only “criticisim” I can make is that the waiter could do with a more masculine pepper grinder. You want something big and bulky to show off and flaunt around the floor – ooh yeah. See you next time!

Contact details

Address: Alec Fong Lim Drive, East Point Reserve (Past the first picnic area but before the gate)
Phone: 8981 6868
Open 7 days, 5.30pm till late

  • Tlar

    Your photos make my mouth water again! :D Fanastic review! :D

  • Megsy

    I have been looking for somewhere to take mydarling fussy ex-chef as he always does the spoiling..I was thinking about Pee Wees as it has been many years since I dined there, you have definitely convinced me it is the place to take him!

  • Ali Wood

    Great review! Thank you!

  • oaf

    Had Dinner at Peewees friday night and cant explain my depth of disappointment. The highlight was the garlic bread…
    Everything else was bland and flavourless… both entrees and two mains , which had us both reaching for the salt.
    Was supposed to be a treat for the girlfriend after she had a tough week.
    gave dessert a miss as we couldn’t handle any more disappointment!
    We paid our bill..then expressed our disappointment and said we would not be back,and thought a restaurant that cared would call us… yep still waiting…
    My advice would be to stay away ….unless you like throwing away a lot of cash for something quite average!!!

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