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Darwin Foodies


Mitchell's Bar and Grill Weekend High Tea

I've been very naughty the past few weeks. If I sees it, I eats it. My excuse is that I was sick earlier this month, hence I needed to eat lots to have the strength to... eat more food and blog about...

Mr. Brown's Raw Treats

Pretty to the eyes? Check. Kind to the waist? Triple check. Lucky us got a bunch of Mr. Brown's raw goodies to try... Healthy food that tastes incrdible? CHECK.

Harvest Coffee Shop

Gotta love all these coffee shops and cafes popping up all over Darwin. Somewhere along the line the foodie scene just exploded and all us lucky Darwin residents have profited. I'm at the recently...

The Foreshore Restaurant and Cafe

The family and I are regulars here since it opened, we probably go once a fortnight on average. The location is the best part - it's right along the scenic walking track that runs all along the Nightcliff foreshore, hence the name of the cafe.

Rachael's Seafood Shack

Make use of the dry season to chill out with good company and a drink or two - Rachael will sort your dishes out with simple ideas executed to perfection with the freshest produce.

Outback Jacks Bar & Grill - Darwin

Steak. So simple, yet so easy to get wrong - which is why I don't particularly fancy paying $30+ for a steak not to my precise standards.. So it was with a little trepidation that I walked into...